ICT & IoT LoRaWAN® Products

ICTnexus - based in Rarotonga, Cook Islands - provides ICT & IoT LoRaWAN® Products for Agriculture, AMI Water-Metering, Monitoring, Building Automation and Energy Management for Smart Islands.
ICT IoT LoRaWAN Products
Affordable High Quality ICT & IoT Products
ICTnexus provides ICT & IoT LoRaWAN® Products for Smart Connected Islands. We source directly from our suppliers or cooperate with New Zealand companies to provide the best quality for affordable prices. 
ICT IoT LoRaWAN Products
Wireless LoRaWAN Rarotonga
We provide wireless IoT LoRaWAN® products and general ICT equipment for WiFi and Local Area Networking.
IoT LoRaWAN® Products Water Meter Rarotonga
ICTnexus provides a secure and scalable toolset for smart metering, monitoring and data management.
We use a wide range of wired and wireless Energy Meters and Power Quality Analyser for Grid Monitoring.
Agricultural efficiency with IoT Cook Islands
We are supporting a wide range of probes to increase the Agricultural efficiency. Tank monitoring, soil-moisture and many more.
IoT LoRaWAN® Products Rarotonga

GPS & WiFi Tracker

Asset tracking and location based services with LoRaWAN®, NB-IoT or CAT-M. Fleet management or people tracing.

Solar & Weather

Complete weather station, solar power, EC-Charging monitoring systems with LoRaWAN®, NB-IoT or CAT-M. 

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We are locals and maintain stock directly in Rarotonga. Visit us in our office and talk to us about your requirements. There are different locations on Rarotonga with Proof of Concepts and installation with IoT LoRaWAN products and other devices. We can demonstrate most of our solutions or we can provide a trial installation at your site.
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