IoT Agriculture - Cook Islands

ICTnexus provides Smart IoT Agriculture for the Cook Islands and collects data to optimise agricultural operations and generate value from loT applications with complete flexibility using IoT devices, a LoRaWAN® network, our platform to form a Smart IoT Agriculture.

Smart IoT Applications
for Monitoring, Control & Analytics 

Smart farming uses agriculture technology (agritech) to improve and optimise agricultural operations, increasing the overall quality and quantity of agricultural products. Smart IoT Agriculture Sensors can have the greatest impact on enhancing productivity for farmers and grower. Affordable Cellular IoT connectivity and LoRaWAN® are making smart farming technologies more accessible.
Irrigation Water Meter
Large backbone bone or irrigation MagFlow meters with LoRaWAN® Transceiver  

Water Meter

Bulk Meter LoRa®
Water Meter - Smart IoT Agriculture for the Cook Islands
Ultrasonic Water Meter for Irrigation Consumption Control.

Water Management

Ultrasonic Water Meter
Weather Station LoRa® Smart IoT Agriculture for the Cook Islands
Compact weather station with IoT connectivity

Weather Station

Full scale weather station
Irrigation - Smart IoT Agriculture for the Cook Islands
Irrigation valves controlled by a LoRaWAN® emitter


Valve controlled with LoRaWAN®
Leaf Wetness IoT
Leaf wetness sensors are used to detect the presence of surface moisture


Leaf Wetness Sensor
Smart IoT Agriculture for the Cook Islands
IoT Tank Level Monitoring and Notification LoRaWAN®

Water Management

Tank Level
Tracking - Smart IoT Agriculture for the Cook Islands
GPS Tracking

Asset Tracking

GPS Tracker - Acceleration Sensors

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