• IoT - Smart Cook Islands

    ICTnexus, based in Rarotonga - Cook Islands is providing ICT & IoT Solutions and Services
    for Smart Connected Islands.

  • Energy Management
    Software as a Service - SaaS

    ICTnexus, based in Rarotonga - Cook Islands is providing IoT connected or wired Power & Energy Meters. For new installations or easy to retrofit. IoT Energy Management combined with Building Automation

  • Smart IoT Agriculture

    ICTnexus provides Smart Agriculture Solutions and Services for the Cook Islands and collects data to optimise agricultural operations and generate value from loT applications with complete flexibility using LoRaWAN® devices and our IoT platform.

Our ICT & IoT Solutions & Services for a Smart Connected Islands

LoRaWAN® IoT End to End Solutions
  • ICT Infrastructure

    • Network Site Design
    • Procurement
    • Project Management System
    • Installation

  • IoT and LoRaWAN® Deployment
  • Local Area Networks LAN & WLAN
  • Managed IT & Cloud Support
  • Smart Metering & Monitoring

    Smart Metering & Monitoring is one of the most popular domains in the Internet of Things. Remote reading of energy consumption (water, gas, electricity) of course, but in general, the remote measurement of any parameter available on a machine, in a room, an indoor or outdoor environment. The Internet of Things saves time and money by automating remote data collection. In addition, the analysis of these data makes it possible to identify problems or anomalies, the preventive treatment of which significantly improves the operational processes.

  • AMI Water Metering & Monitoring
  • Energy & Power Management
  • Building Management & HVAC

Our Work

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ICTnexus is a Cook Island based company with the main office on Rarotonga.

We are working close together with partners in New Zealand like IQnexus and PEC. We participate in the projects of these partners and we are representing them in the Pacific Islands.   

Products, Partners & Services

ICT and IoT Solutions for Smart Connected Islands
We cooperate with leading international partners to privide high end quality products to an affordable price. 
ICT & IoT Solutions and Services for Smart Connected Islands

IoT Network Infrastructure

We provide secure, scalable and reliable routing of your valuable IoT data and we compete with any connectivity fee on the Cook Islands to provide ICT and IoT Solutions for Smart Connected Islands. 
ICT & IoT Solutions and Services for Smart Connected Islands

Turnkey End To End Solutions or Services

We are designing, installing, implementing and supporting Turnkey ICT & IoT Solutions with our local staff.
ICT & IoT Solutions and Services for Smart Connected Islands

Enable Companies create Business & Jobs

New infrastructures and technologies can be used to create new business opportunities, to save resources and to be more sustainable.
ICT & IoT Solutions and Services for Smart Connected Islands

Cloud Services

Cloud applications will become more important due to the availability of high speed internet connection and Fibre Broadband. But it requires a local backup for certain application which we provide as a data-centre.

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We are locals and maintain stock directly in Rarotonga. Visit us in our office and talk to us about your requirements. There are different locations on Rarotonga with Proof of Concepts and installation with IoT LoRaWAN products and other devices. We can demonstrate most of our solutions or we can provide a trial installation at your site.
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